Getting Mellow in Movember

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Getting Mellow in Movember

The beginning of hibernation season is here. We are trying to enjoy the calm before the storm of the holiday season and de-stress and hope you have a chance to do the same. Stress can affect your immune system-not a good thing in cold and flu season- as well as your mental outlook. That’s why it’s important to get some downtime. This month we’ll share some suggestions to chill out in November.

What’s new around the office?

The month of celebrating facial hair is upon us. You may be aware that November, better known as Movember is the month where many men stop shaving to raise money in support of men’s cancer research.  Our offices will join in. Drop in to see who sports the best facial hair by month’s end, support the cause, or join in!

Tips and Tidbits

Stress can affect your dental health. Teeth grinding is a common condition associated with stress. You can try some of our relaxation techniques below to unwind, but if you’re still grinding your teeth be sure to let us know so we can customize a mouth-guard for you. Otherwise you can cause permanent damage to your smile.

How to get mellow:

  • Practise breathing techniques and meditation– When we’re stressed we tend to breathe shallowly and quickly which further impacts our nervous system. Alternative nostril breathing, a yoga practise can help reduce your stress and anxiety and improve cardiovascular function. Deep breathing can be done anywhere. Sneak in some restorative breathing at the office or in the car on the way home when stuck in traffic. Once home, meditation can help to calm an overactive brain. Meditation is shown to beneficial to our brain’s health and our overall health. Not in to sitting and “ohming”? Do a walking meditation instead.
  • Read a good book– Once you’ve calmed your mind through meditation and deep breathing you might want to curl up with a good book. A book. That thing with pages. Not reading the news on your phone. We are always plugged in, exposed to blue light from computers and phones which interfere with our sleep patterns and it is tempting to stop what we’re reading to check other things on our phone, or look up an unfamiliar word or term. Before you know it you’re lost down the rabbit hole of info which further adds to stress! If you must use a screen opt for an e-reader.
  • Get a massage– Not only is a massage relaxing and a good way to prepare your muscles for the shopping season around the corner, they also encourage lymphatic drainage and detoxification, helping eliminate toxins to prepare your body for a season filled with imbibing.
  • Plan a vacation or something to look forward to– A study out of a Dutch university found that people get more pleasure out of anticipating a vacation then the actual vacation itself! The Dutch should know, they take about 8 weeks of vacation a year. Booking a winter getaway gives you something to look forward to on the days where it is gray and rainy and your to do list keeps growing. Knowing it’s on the horizon can help get you through tough times. If you can’t afford a week away, consider going to a hotel or resort somewhere closer to home for a weekend for a change of scenery. If that’s not an option, plan some events to look forward to instead such as a concert or show.
  • Save money for the upcoming holiday season: Money is a source of stress for many and considering the expense of the holiday season, it may be a good time to save to prevent future stress. Consider making your coffee at home a couple of times a week instead of buying it, or limiting your dinners out this month. Chances are you will be eating out and attending parties during the holidays so laying low this month may not be a bad idea. Save some money by staying home and curling up with a movie. One way Diamond Dental can help you save money is through our Student Discount Network. If you have a child who is a student you can enroll them in the program, or if you are a college/university student you can also join and get your dental services for practically nothing!


Ah…don’t you feel better already? Hope you enjoyed our tips for winding down this month. Look forward to seeing you around the office to check on our Movember progress (cheer us on!) and seeing your own facial hair for those who’d like to join in. Again, if you suspect you are grinding your teeth be sure to give us a call. Namaste. Until next month!