Happy Yalda from the staff at Diamond Dental Clinics

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Happy Yalda from the staff at Diamond Dental Clinics

Happy Yalda from our family to yours. At Diamond Dental, we want to wish your family a safe, special and joyful holiday. On the longest night of the year many Iranian families get together to celebrate with delicious food and drink.

The ancient Persians depended on agriculture for their livelihood and had to plant and gather according to the change of seasons. By experience they learned that the longer days and warm rays of sun helped their crops and the gathering months brought shorter days and longer nights. They discovered that after what was the longest night of the year the daylight hours started to get longer.

This night was called Yalda which meant rebirth (of the sun), and it was celebrated for the triumph of light over darkness. They built fires on sundown of the last day in fall and kept them burning until the first rays of sun the following day. During this night they gathered with family and friends, ate delicious food, drank, and sang happy songs all night and listened to stories about old times.

To this day Yalda remains as one of the most ancient festive ceremonies that has been celebrated in Iran for centuries since the time of the Persian Empire. Besides Iran, Yalda is celebrated in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and some ceremonies similar to Yalda are also celebrated in Pakistan and Northern India at about the same time of the year. [Source: Persian Mama]

Shabe Yalda mobarak and see you all in the New Year! Bring on 2020!