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Diamond Dental Clinics offer top of the line customized dental care in North York, Toronto, and the GTA. At Diamond Dental Clinics we offer a variety of services to meet your oral care needs, always keeping your comfort, safety and satisfaction in mind. With expert staff and state of the art equipment we are able to provide you with the best oral care available. For more information on a specific service simply visit the desired link or contact our offices.

If you have a dental emergency that can’t wait or occurs after hours we can help. Providing emergency-basis tooth extractions, root canals, after-hours abscess or infection control, tooth pain management and more. For a full list of emergency services please follow this link.

Our experts in root canal therapy can provide a sequence of treatments for the infected pulp of a tooth eliminating infection and protecting/saving the affected tooth. For more information on root canal therapy click on the link above.

We offer dental implants as a safe permanent tooth replacement option. At any Diamond Dental Clinic, you will be treated using the latest proven technology and materials by a professional with years of experience in dental implants.

At Diamond Dental Clinics you will have access to the best orthodontics therapy available. We create confident smiles for patients of all ages using the latest orthodontic techniques. We offer options such as Invisalign or traditional metal/wire braces. Book your free orthodontics consultation today to find out the best option for you or your kids.

We offer Invisalign as an alternative to traditional metal braces, a method of orthodontic treatment which uses a series of clear, removable teeth aligners to straighten your teeth. Click on the link above to see if Invisalign is an option for you.

Whether you want to improve the aesthetics of a tooth or protect a tooth's surface from damage, our offices offer veneers (a thin layer of material placed over an existing tooth) as a treatment option. To learn more about veneers simply click on the above link.

At Diamond Dental Clinics we offer complete tooth restoration solutions (fillings) that are both strong and aesthetically pleasing. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

At Diamond Dental Clinics, we do all we can to save an infected tooth. When the tooth extraction procedure is necessary, it is carried out by our expert dentists, using sterilized equipment and taking all safety measures into consideration.

We offer dental crowns as a type of tooth restoration. A dental crown or cap completely covers or encircles a damaged, decayed, discolored or misshapen tooth or dental implant. To learn more about this type of restoration please click on the link above.

If you have a missing tooth/teeth our clinics offer dental bridges as a tooth replacement option. Our top of the line experts use the highest quality materials and latest technologies with one of the lowest costs in the GTA.

At our clinics you will receive a complete dental hygiene and teeth cleaning from our professional experienced hygienists, improving and protecting your oral health.

Coffee, tea, red wine, and aging can discolour teeth over time. At Toronto Diamond Dental Clinics, we can help you get back the lost glow of your smile, creating the brighter whiter flawless smile you’ve always wanted. Our highly skilled dentists and hygienists offer professional teeth whitening procedures while considering your oral health and comfort.

We offer assessment/treatment of Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) (known as TMJ). This painful condition occurs as a result of problems with the jaw, jaw joint, and surrounding facial muscles that control chewing and moving the jaw. For more information on how we can help with TMJ click on the above link.

We offer dentures as a tooth replacement alternative. Dentures are removable replacement teeth for complete or partial missing teeth and surrounding tissues. For more information click on the link above.

Porcelain inlays and onlays are a form of tooth restoration for heavily damaged teeth, performed by our highly skilled professionals. Care for your oral health and address cosmetic needs at the same time, for a healthy flawless smile.

We offer surgical and non-surgical periodontal therapy to stop periodontal disease. By removing pathogenic micro-organisms that form plaque, we can stop the disease. To learn more click on the link above.

In College or University? Receive FREE dental services!

Are you a College or University student? At Diamond Dental Clinics our additional student discount coverage makes the cost of your treatment so low you can even get FREE dental care! To find out more click on the link below.

Dentistry 3D X-Ray
/ Dental 3D Imaging

In addition to our Digital Imaging and Digital Intraoral X-Rays in all Diamond Dental clinics, our new dental clinic at Don Mills now offers 3D X-Ray for dentists and clinic patients. This remarkable new technology creates virtually limitless views of the face, neck and teeth and allows us to create a digital replica of the jawbone for more complete treatment planning.

Using these detailed images, we can place implants with more accuracy and safety than ever before, avoiding sensitive and critical structures such as nerves, roots, and even sinuses.

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