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Discounted Dental Services for College and university students

Diamond Dental Clinics are part of the Student Discount Network Program. Not only we accept all insurances offers by university and colleges, in addition we offer a special student dental discount exclusive by diamond dental clinics for college and university students, which make it possible for you to get your dental treatment at a discounted price!

Every college and university offers different dental insurance and coverage for student dental procedures. At Diamond Dental Clinics, we took it one step further by offering an additional student discount coverage to make your dental treatment as low as possible.

How Student Dental Program Works?

Your College or University offer a Student Discount Program for dental procedures, which is about 60% to 80% for most colleges and universities depend on dental treatment you need.

Diamond Dental Clinics offers an addition 20% to 40% Discount for dental procedures to university and college students and faculty and let you combine this discount with your college / university dental insurance, which make it possible for you to get your dental treatment at a very low cost* (In most cases you pay $0).


Who can receive a student dental discount?

Any participating college or university student can receive a discounted dental check-up and teeth cleaning with their active school dental insurance plan and Diamond Dental’s student discount. For other dental services and treatment, there may be a very small co-payment, however we do our best to ensure that you receive your treatment for as low as possible.

University and college participants in Student Discount Network for Dental procedures

You Save up to 100%
Pay only $0*

* To qualify you must have insurance coverage through your college or university.

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Diamond Dental
Exclusive Offer

You qualify for deep discounts if you are a student or faculty

If you are a student in any of above University or College in Ontario, then you probably covered by Student Discount Program for Dental procedures and automatically eligible for Diamond Dental Exclusive Student Discount. If your school is not listed here or for more information, please contact us at 416 551 2211.