Seneca College

Seneca students free dental care

Students at Seneca College receive a 100% Free check-up and teeth cleaning with their active school dental insurance plan at Diamond Dental clinics. For other dental services, we do our best to keep your payment at $0. You can check your student dental plan breakdown in the section below for more details.

Diamond Dental Clinics are part of the Student Discount Network Program. In addition to accepting all insurances offers by university and colleges, we offer a special discounts exclusive by diamond dental clinics on all dental services to Seneca College students which make it possible for you to get your dental treatment absolutely free. Seneca students free dental is only available at Diamond Dental Clinics.

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What does the Seneca College Students Dental Insurance Plan cover?

Full-time Seneca College Students Dental Care
  • Check up and x-rays
  • $ 200
    • Insured Portion 80%
    • Diamond Dental Student Discount 20%
    • $0you pay*

  • Teeth cleaning
  • $ 200 - 300
    • Insured Portion 80%
    • Diamond Dental Student Discount 20%
    • $0you pay*

  • Fillings
  • $ 200 - 300
    • Insured Portion 60%
    • Diamond Dental Student Discount 20% – 30%
    • $0 to 40you pay*

  • Extractions/Wisdom teeth removal
  • $ 200 - 400
    • Insured Portion 70%
    • Diamond Dental Student Discount 20% – 30%
    • $0 to 40you pay*

* When within annual maximum $500 per coverage period (September 1st – August 31st) per person. If you have exceeded your maximum charges will be higher.

Coverage Begin and End Dates

Policy Year: September 1 – August 31

  • Seneca Students will have 12 months of Dental coverage if they are starting in the Fall and return in Winter.
  • A student that is enrolled in the Fall semester is covered for the Fall semester only.
  • A student that is enrolls in the Winter semester is covered for the Winter semester only.
  • A student that is enrolls in the Summer semester is covered for the Summer semester only.

If you have any questions or need more info please call us at 416-551-2211 or 416 773 1552

Am I covered under the Seneca College Student Dental Insurance Plan?

Seneca College students are automatically enrolled in the student plan when they pay their tuition with a few exceptions.

Which students not covered by the Student Dental Insurance Plan:

Opted out of the dental plan

Opted out of the dental plan in a previous school year (dental plan may not automatically become active in subsequent years)

Failed to pay tuition on time

Dropped a course and no longer have a full-time course load

On academic probation

On leave of absence

Being on Co-op or job placement

Taking a semester off and returning part-time

ESL programs

Foreign exchange students

Taking only summer courses

Certain scholarship-funded tuition

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their dental plan is active. If you are unsure whether or not your dental insurance plan is active, contact your Seneca Health and Dental Plan office (SSF / Seneca Student Federation).

Seneca Health and Dental Plan SSF office

Seneca SSF office at King Campus
Room GH 1020
Tel: 416.491.5050 ext. 55141

Seneca SSF office at Markham Campus
Room 343
Tel: 416.491.5050 ext. 77342

Seneca SSF office at Newnham Campus
Room F1525
Tel: 416.491.5050 ext. 22980

Seneca SSF office at Seneca@York Campus
Room S2014
Tel: 416.491.5050 ext. 33428

Seneca Student Federation Dental Association (SSF)
SSF is responsible for the administration of the Health and Dental Plan. You may contact the SSF office in your campus using above info

We accept all college and university students dental insurances by Green Shield Canada (GSC).