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Dental emergency Service in Toronto, North York, Markham and Richmond Hill Area

You may need dental emergency service if you have:

having toothache or swelling that suggests an infection of your tooth or gum

have any trauma on your face, mouth or teeth after a recent injury or accident

any of your permanent tooth being knocked out, chipped or broken

serious swelling of the mouth or face which is getting worse

severe toothache or facial pain which is not controlled by taking over-the-counter painkillers

broken crowns, veneers or bridges, tooth abscess, broken orthodontic braces, broken dentures

continues bleeding on your gum or tooth

bleeding after tooth extraction that you cannot control

Most urgent treatments can be dealt with in one appointment. However, if more than one visit is required you will be told by our dentist(s) the complete course of treatment.

Our emergency dentists will carry out a dental examination and determine the most appropriate type of treatment to be administered. This will be emergency temporary, emergency basic or emergency full treatment. Once your dental emergency need has been taken care of, you may be advised to make another appointment for a separate course of non-urgent treatment, that may be followed up by subsequent appointments during normal office hours at your convenient time.

Emergency-basis tooth extractions

After-hours abcess, or infection control

Broken or chipped teeth

After hours Tooth pain relief

Root canal therapy on an emergency basis

Oral soft tissue trauma management

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