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Periodontal gum treatment (Surgical / Non-Surgical gum therapy)

Periodontology or Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies supporting structures of teeth, as well as various types of gum diseases and conditions that affect them. A professional who practices this specialty field of dentistry is known as a periodontis.

Periodontal therapy is to remove the pathogenic micro-organisms that form plaque and calculus, in order to stop the disease. This is done by Surgical Periodontal Therapy or Non-surgical Gum Therapy.
Removing the plaque and calculus from the gum, tooth, both above the gum-line as well as below it, using hand and ultrasonic instruments are part of periodontal therapy, followed by appropriate oral hygiene procedures.

Gum disease:

Studies show, most people have some kind of mild gum disease which silently survives, however it doesn’t mean not to pay attention. Ignoring a mild gum disease can cause much more serious problem. Since gum diseases can be easily ignored due to their slow progression and painless nature, regular check-up with your dentist and hygienist is recommended. Often we can treat and reverse gum disease without surgery, specially when it caught early. If disease has progressed, surgical gum therapy may be necessary.

Periodontal diseases are vary from simple gum inflammation to serious gum disease that results in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth in the jaw. Most common gum diseases are gingivitis, periodontitis or receding gums.

Research has shown that periodontal disease may associated with several other diseases like Diabetes, heart Disease, stroke diabetes and respiratory problems. While more recent research demonstrates that inflammation may be responsible for periodontal diseases, the fact that many gum diseases are caused by bad oral health remain. Aggressive brushing and flossing are other cause of damage to perfectly healthy gums.

Non-surgical Gum Therapy (Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy) include:

Deep cleaning (scaling and root planing ), is removing or eliminating the dental plaque, bacteria and calculus which cause inflammation. Result is a smooth, clean surface that let the gum to reattach

Local delivery of antimicrobial agents using controlled release systems for the treatment of periodontal diseases. Which is delivery of localized antibiotics below the gumline.

Regular maintenance cleanings and hygienist check-up

Diagnosis of oral lesions and oral soft tissue biopsy

Occlusal therapy (Bite adjustment)

Using periodontal appliances (biteguards or nightguards), Perio Protect

SRP, Use of lasers as an adjunct to scaling and root planing (SRP) may improve the effectiveness SRP

Surgical Gum Therapy (Surgical Periodontal Therapy) include:

Periodontal pocket reduction procedures by reduces the space between the tooth and the gum when deep cleaning is not enough. Periodontist folds back the gum tissue and removes the bacteria before securing the tissue into place.

Bone graft surgery done in preparation of implants

Gum Graft Surgery to repair the exposed tooth roots defect becuase of gum recession, and help to prevent additional recession and bone loss.

Surgery to regenerate hard and soft tissue

Implants. Implant is an artificial tooth root placed in jaw for holding a replacement tooth or bridge.

Gingival grafting (soft tissue grafts) also called gum graft or periodontal plastic surgery. number of periodontal surgical procedures to cover an area of exposed tooth root surface with grafted oral tissue

Ridge augmentation (build-up hard or soft tissue) which is increasing the quantity or quality of soft tissues (gums) or bone in areas of missing teeth to restore the natural contour of the jawbone

Crown lengthening, the incising the gingival (gum) tissue around a tooth and often the re-contouring underlying bone surrounding one or more teeth so that an adequate amount of healthy tooth is exposed.

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