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Tooth Removal, Tooth Extraction Surgery

When a tooth or tooth loss caused by damage to tooth decay, or you have chipped or broken tooth dentist trying to fix a tooth by different means-such as the filling, root canal, crown repair, etc. However, when a tooth is damaged beyond repair, or infection causing a gum disease; sometimes dentist has no choice but tooth removal. while this is the most common cause of tooth extraction, many diseases and medications require the tooth extraction surgery too, because it weakens the immune system and cause infection of the tooth (like anti-cancer agents). tooth decay, gum disease, a broken tooth, organ transplantation, orthodontic treatment, radiotherapy, and wisdom teeth are some other reasons for simple tooth removal or tooth removal surgery.

You may need tooth Removal, tooth Extraction because of:

Infected tooth cause the damage to the root

A tooth that is preventing the growth of an adjacent tooth needs to plucked out

Gum disease (periodontal disease)

Broken tooth that can’t be repair

An abscess on gums or around your teeth

Crowded teeth (A crowded mouth)

dentures or braces installation to cure overcrowded teeth

impacted wisdom teeth the do not fit in a jaw or causing pain

for radiation therapy to the neck and head

Other diseases and medication

Dental Tip: Tooth removal should be the last solution!

Two types of tooth extraction

Simple tooth extractions

These type are perform on teeth that are visible from outside the mouth and can be easily done by general dentists. The dentist gives a patient anesthetic gel or an injection of local anesthetic before removing the tooth.

Surgical Extractions

These are mostly perform on teeth that are not easily accessible or not seen in the mouth, for example when the teeth are broken under the gum line or partially erupted teeth. In these situation, the surgeon must cut and remove gum and providing access to remove a piece of bone or tooth.

At Diamond Dental Clinics, We do all we can to save your teeth as every dentist has to do, and when the tooth extraction procedure is necessary it carried out by our expert dentist considering all safety measures using sterilized equipment.

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