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Proudly offering dental implants, Invisalign, aligners, sleep dentistry, root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, and much more.

At Diamond Dental Clinics, we offer a wide array of dental treatments and procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry, cleanings, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, wisdom tooth extractions, dental implants, porcelain veneers, mercury-free tooth-coloured fillings, teeth whitening, gum procedures, root canal treatment, and much more, all performed in a safe and friendly environment!

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Our Services

We provide a wide range of dental treatments, cosmetic procedures, and restorative services.

If you have a dental emergency that can’t wait or occurs after hours we can help. Providing emergency-basis tooth extractions, root canals, after-hours abscess or infection control, tooth pain management and more. For a full list of emergency services please follow this link.

At Diamond Dental Clinics, we do all we can to save an infected tooth. When the tooth extraction procedure is necessary, it is carried out by our expert dentists, using sterilized equipment and taking all safety measures into consideration.

Whether you want to improve the aesthetics of a tooth or protect a tooth's surface from damage, our offices offer veneers (a thin layer of material placed over an existing tooth) as a treatment option. To learn more about veneers simply click on the above link.

At Diamond Dental Clinics you will have access to the best orthodontics therapy available. We create confident smiles for patients of all ages using the latest orthodontic techniques. We offer options such as Invisalign or traditional metal/wire braces. Book your free orthodontics consultation today to find out the best option for you or your kids.

Our experts in root canal therapy can provide a sequence of treatments for the infected pulp of a tooth eliminating infection and protecting/saving the affected tooth. For more information on root canal therapy click on the link above.

We offer dental implants as a safe permanent tooth replacement option. At any Diamond Dental Clinic, you will be treated using the latest proven technology and materials by a professional with years of experience in dental implants.

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Meet Our Dentists

Dr. Parvaneh Rad, DDS

Dr. Rad is the founder of Toronto Diamond Dental Clinics. Her goal is to provide the best dental service in Toronto at the most reasonable cost.

Dr. Ramin Sadeghi, DDS

Dr. Sadeghi is one of our top-rated dentists at Diamond Dental Clinics. He prides himself on always offering his patients top-of-the-line dental care.

Dr. Juliu Kovacs

Dr. Kovacs is an experienced denturist who loves to give his patients a new reason to smile. His goal is to ensure that every patient receives the best dentures and care.

Me and my family are Dr. RAD patients for a long time and we all agree that she is the best dentist we have seen in Toronto. She is very professional, patient and caring dentist. her prices are very fare, and using my student dental insurance, I don’t have to pay anything, although my university dental insurance only cover 80 percent of my cost. She is so good that is she moves to another city, I still travel to see her as my dentist. I would like to say this to Dr. Rad and her team and Diamond Dental : Please accept me and my family thanks, for all the dental work, help, advise and kindness during these years.
Sepideh Tarah
This is the best dental service I’ve had so far. I’m coming from a family of dentists and I have to admit that Dr. Rad is amazing! She puts her heart into her job and that really pays off! And the entire team is wonderful! My 3-year old can’t stay put for 30 seconds but he loved it there and was able to have his teeth cleaned… next he’s asking me every week: when do we go to the dentist? I could not say it enough but thank you for being there for my family!
Emil Mihaileanu
I have been a patient of Dr. Rad for about four years now and I meant to write this review for the longest time. Dr. Rad is very informative and honest, she spends enough time with patients to educate and provide best possible treatment options. Based on my personal experience I didn’t have any problems after the treatments (I had one filling, three extractions and cleaning sessions done). I hope this information helps someone else seeking a new Dentist.
Eli Na
Thank you Doctor Rad, you are the best dentist. I never thought that I will be happy to see my dentist again whether for checkup or treatment, but you made it happen
Hi! My name is Coryna! I’ve been at Diamnon Dental (1396 Don Mills Rd) today for teeth whitening at Dr. Rad! It was a great experience and very very professionals services! Everyone was very kind and polite! I will definitely recommend it! ! Thank you very much!!!
Baba Elena Corina
Thank you for all the things you have done for me, I can say diamond dental is the best dental clinic by far I have ever seen and the best dental treatment I’ve ever received, thank you

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